Art Therapy

Artplay is the only place in Arizona to find expressive art therapy sessions and feeling-based toys for kids, all in abundance and under one roof. Parents and kids love the experience of finding happiness in a safe and non-clinical environment. Liz Tomko is the founder of Artplay. She does wonders with all types of children. Check her website out for more information.

Helpful Homework Tips

Is your child struggling with homework each night? Here are some tips to help them be successful with less frustration for you and for them!...

Free Literacy Websites

The following are some great Literacy websites that build vocabulary, gives lists of books and reviews, and include games and other fun activities.  ...

Multi-Sensory Spelling Activities

Here are some great spelling activities for your child to use while practicing their spelling words. These include visual, kinesthetic, and auditory styles of practice. Enjoy! Multi-Sensory spelling...

Free Math Websites

Here are some great websites for your child to practice math concepts. They are fun and will keep children engaged!