Tutoring Pre-K through 6th grade

Gain the Confidence to Succeed

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Critical Thinking Skills

Your child will learn critical thinking skills that will apply to all academic areas of learning.


Responsibility in Action

Develop the characteristics of responsibility towards self, others, and the environment.

Customized Learning Plan

Creating customized learning plans for each child.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our families do the talking!

“My daughter spent her third grade year with Elizabeth Rowley from 2014-2015. As an educator myself, I hold my children’s teachers to a high standard. Ms. Rowley exceeded not just my expectations, but truly my hopes and dreams for my daughter’s school experience where she gained a renewed excitement for learning about her world. She also created a classroom environment that brought out the absolute best in my daughter. Elizabeth is a master teacher in every way. She genuinely believes in her students’ abilities to learn academic material, but more than that, she has a way of creating a deep passion within her students for the world in which we live. She understands how to make learning meaningful and accessible to every student, whatever their learning style or personality. She is a gifted educator, and has a great deal to offer children and their families. If you are considering working with Elizabeth, please know that your life and your child’s life will be positively impacted, beyond your expectations. “

Natanya Washburn

“I have known Ms. Rowley for many years. She taught both my kids over a three year period. Ms. Rowley is the kindest and calmest teacher. Children respond to her gentle approach. Your child will quickly fall in love with her and respond to her teaching style. ”

Becky Nolen

“Elizabeth Rowley was the 3rd /4th grade teacher for 3 of my 4 children. It is a TREMENDOUS gain for all the children she will be serving as their tutor. Elizabeth is one of the most gifted teachers I know. She has the heart, compassion, and passion for guiding young minds to learn and grow to their best potential, all while respecting their own pace at which each student develops. Her kindness and patience with her students allowed each child to feel respected and in return they listened to her and respected her as their leader, teacher, and mentor. She was always willing to take time with each parent about concerns and helped come up with solutions to any problems and always had a reason to celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of each of her students. Her students loved her, and she was loved and respected by all the teachers, staff, and parents.

On a personal note, I can honestly say that Elizabeth is one of the most wonderful human beings I know. Her love of life, children, family, and friends is clearly seen and heard in the way she talks and lives her life. She has not only been an incredible teacher for my children and all her other students, but an incredible person to get to know over the past 8 years. She will serve your child well and help them with matters of education, and will allow each child to see their greatness within themselves.  “

Alejandrina Vostrejs

Policies and FAQ

Where do tutoring sessions take place?

Tutoring is done at The Art of Learning office located at 1130 E. Missouri Avenue Suite 210 Phoenix 85014. (Other arrangements, though, have been made from time to time. I’m always open to problem-solving!)

What are your qualifications?

The Art of Learning is run by a certified teacher. Services are offered to kids in Pre-K through Sixth grade regardless of what subject area is needed. Other services include organizational and/or motivational help.

Do you accept credit cards?

Payments are accepted in the form of check, credit card, or cash. Payments can be made after each session. Please write checks out to The Art of Learning.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you need to cancel, please provide no less than 12 hours notice. Without this sufficient notice (barring emergency), the regular session charge will be applied.

Bookings are scheduled in a precise manner, allowing for smooth transition and care for each person. Sessions are 50 minutes. Please understand that if you are late, I have a responsibility to the next person for their complete session during their scheduled time. Please be punctual in picking your child up. This awareness is greatly appreciated.

Meeting Attendance

The Art of Learning believes in communications among parents, teachers and students. I will gladly attend any school conference or related appointments. Student advocacy is one of my services! Charges remain at standard rate.

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